Surgical centre Zdrav splet,certifikat mali with its surgeries in Maribor and Ljubljana, belongs to larger private surgical institutions in Slovenia.
By obtaining the concession for the field of proctology and abdominal surgery five years ago, the medical centre startet to take an active part in the public health network and so enhanced the accessibility to proctologic tretments and enabled the surgical treatment of inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia according to the latest state of the art methods.

Dr. Martina Muršak Pocajt and dr. Boštjan Mlakarkirurski centri carry out treatments and surgeries which are adjusted to each individual patient, under local tumescent anaesthesia and under appropriate analgo-sedation, which makes it ideal for those active individuals,who cannot afford long waiting times, would like to receive the highest quality service and quick recovery in the environment of their homes. They carry outcomplete diagnostics, conservative and surgicaltreatment of anal and rectal diseases, diagnostics and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and, as the only ones in Slovenia, perform anal cytology and anal HPV testing.

In the past years, the ever increasing recognizabilty of the Surgical Centre Zdrav splet has been related to aesthetic treatments and surgeries, since they perform minimally invasive rejuvenation fizioterapijaprocedures with application of fillers, botox, fat transfer as well as larger surgical procedures whereby they shape the client's body by means of liposuction and lipolysis. They carry out the abdominal wall correction, breast correction, face-lifting, eyelid correction, hear transplantation etc. The surgical centre is developing its aesthetic treatment activities in cooperation with the internationally acclaimed surgeon, dr Peter Lisborg from Klagenfurt, Austria. Together, they are developing the latest state-of-the art methods of surgical procedures. The medical director of the Surgical centre Zdrav Splet, Dr. Boštjan Mlakar is also an active member of the Austrian Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and constantly upgrades his knowledge and updates his skills abroad.

kozmetikaSurgical Centre Zdrav splet disposes of state-of-the-art equipment, such as Achtyderm which is used for various rejuvenating procedures as well as pain therapies. They penetrate the skin 10 cm deep by means of electrophoreses, without needles or incisions. Skin regeneration procedures, reduction of acne,cellulite and strechmarks are carried out in combination with high technology and medical preparations.

All therapies for a healthier and more beautiful skin as well as for weight reduction are carried out exclusively under medical supervision. Surgery is one of the most demanding and most important braches in our health system, and hence the technology is constantly developing and changing. To follow the new achievements and to strive for a better, and more patient-friendly procedure, is a goal and a wish of every surgeon- Dr. Martina Muršak Pocajt and Boštjan Mlakar carries out most of procedures without the general anaesthetics, without pain and according to procedures which enable a quick recovery in the environment of the patient’s home.

Surgical centre Zdrav splet is an institution which is friendly to the users of medical and aesthetic procedures and services, where they use the individual approach to find the optimal solution for their patients' problems.

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